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Three if by Space, Manifest

Frank Deal does a tremendous job of exposing the raw nerves of Captain Bill Daly as he’s obviously nearing the end of a very frayed rope. Deal’s work here is both delightful and excruciating as Daly’s life spirals out of control….


Luke Compton, LCBlog, Non-Stop -

Frank Deal did the difficult job of playing a ubiquitous businessman with realistic emotions and ideas

Drew Taylor, INDIE WIRE, The Bay -

There's an almost Stephen King vibe to the characterization of its corrupt mayor (Frank Deal, just as slimy as any of the monsters).


David Sheward, BACKSTAGE, August Osage County -

In Phylicia Rashad's debut as Viloet ... "Amy Morton returns as the unhappy eldest daughter … Frank Deal as Barbara's estranged husband, Bill, provides an anchor of solid support for these bustling battleships

Roberto Vivero, Yahoo! Network, The Bay -

No other actor truly stands out … except for Frank Deal


Rebecca Haithcoat, Leo Weely, Six Years -

Frank Deal (Jack Muncie) kept me riveted

Signal Horizon, Manifest

Captain Bill Daly’s (Frank Deal) heroic effort to save the plane during the flight is harrowing. The storm looks as scary as it had to have been.  To come out the other side with his aircraft and passengers intact only to be questioned incessantly and find he had become a pariah instead of a hero is tough to watch.  His story is a wild one. Even without a government conspiracy moments of heroism are often scrutinized. Much like Captain Sully, our Captain Daly is a complex hero.


Flickering Myth, The Bay

Starring Will Rogers, Kristen Connolly, Kether Donahue and Frank Deal. The acting from the film’s cast is, for the most part, solid, feeling naturalistic and convincing given the documentary style. Perhaps the best performance coming from the brilliantly named Frank Deal as the town’s Mayor, a perfect recreation of the stereotypical patronising scumbag politician that you often see. A man more concerned with being re-elected than making sure his town’s water supply is safe, even as its residents slowly and violently begin to die.

Ben Kenber, WeGotThisCoverd, The Bay -

Levinson also gives each character a strong dose of humanity to where you are sad to see them suffer like this. The only character who you come out of this movie not feeling sorry for is Mayor John Stockman (played by noted actor Frank Deal), who stubbornly refuses to do anything in fear of starting a panic. In a movie where it hurts to see people suffer, you anxiously await for him to get it worse than everybody else.

Roger Ebert, The Bay -

It goes without saying that the local mayor (Frank Deal) denies any problem ...  it is better for people to die than for tourism to be affected., The Bay -

Frank Deal manages to keep you believing in a way not seen since ‘The Blair Witch Project’ back in 1999., The Bay -

Performances kicked in hard to up the credibility of the piece. Kristen Connolly, Christopher Denham and Frank Deal all aced their roles.

T.L. Pinick, The Washington Times, Mister Roberts -

Mister Roberts ... pits a nasty captain (nicely played with a swell lower-class Boston accent by Frank Deal) against his college-boy first officer, Lt. Roberts (Michael Dempsey)


Jordan Hoffman, ScreenCrush, The Bay -

“The meat of ‘The Bay’ is getting to know the local townspeople ... and the corrupt mayor, sleazily played by Frank Deal"

Bob Fischbach, Omaha World Herald, Non-Stop -

Standouts among these folks include … Corey Stoll as a confrontational cop, Scoot McNairy as a teacher and Frank Deal as a loudmouth.


Peter Marks, The Washington Post, Mister Roberts -

Frank Deal does a fine job of avoiding cartoon villainy...and Stephen Kunken brings out the decency in a cynical medicine man.


Tony Lattimore, Herts Advertiser, The Bay -

Frank Deal plays the corrupt Mayor and Christopher Denham as a research scientist. Both seem real and yet their action distant, a clip from someone’s life, the style of the filming voyeuristic rather than prescribed.



J. Wynn Rousuck, THE BALTIMORE SUN, Mister Roberts -

Frank Deal is an appropriately sweaty, small-minded bully as the tyrannical captain.


Byrne Harrison, Stage Buzz, Have You Seen Steve Steven? -

Kate Hampton and Frank Deal as Jane and Bill Dudley, revel in their characters


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